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Personal fitness is a huge part of my life, and I really try and make it a habit to run each morning before my day starts. I usually run for at least 30min and do some yoga afterwards. I’m currently vacationing in Aruba, and I honestly love working out at the beach. The fresh air, the white sand and the ocean breeze are just so relaxing.

 I’m wearing a matching set (leggings and top) from Splits59. Inspired by the beauty of sport and the power of intelligent design, Splits59 is the next step in the evolution of activewear for women. High performance is part of their DNA. They believe sweat is sexy and nothing looks better than going the extra mile. Their passion for living boldly and crossing the finish line in style informs every aspect of Splits59. To learn more about Splits59 click HERE.

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  TOP: Splits59 c/o | LEGGINGS: Splits59 c/o | NECKLACE: Tiny Tags c/o | SUNGLASSES: ASOS 

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Boohoo Fit





I’ve always enjoyed running. I get the famous  “Runner’s High”,  I know it sounds illegal, but it’s one of the tremendous natural benefits of running. In response to the hard, sustained physical effort of running your nervous system releases a substance called endogenous morphine (“endorphins”) into your system. These endorphins create a post workout sense of euphoria. It’s that state of bliss that keeps many of runners coming back for more, including myself.

Fitness plays a big part in my life – hence when the Team at Boohoo asked for another collaboration to feature their new boohoo FIT line I simply couldn’t resist.

I’m wearing their Annie Cut Leggings which are super comfortable and honestly these stretchy staples are a true wear-with-anything wardrobe item, and their Leila Slogan Drop Arm Sports Tank.

Check out boohoo FIT HERE and as always, thanks much for reading!

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LEGGINGS: boohoo FIT c/o | TOP: boohoo FIT c/o | SUNGLASSES: Illesteva via Neiman Marcus | BRACELETS: What Would V Wear | BIKINI TOP: OASAP c/o | SHOES: Reebok (similar HERE)