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This post was brought to by Slickdeals.

The Holiday madness has begun! But with the global pandemic, holiday shopping is anything but typical this year. Instead of in-store doorbusters, the 2020 holiday shopping season will most likely be online. Many areas still have COVID-19 restrictions in place that limit the capacity and hours of stores hence why not take this opportunity to shop online instead? My oldest son wants a big boy room and we decided to shop at using Slickdeals   to save even more money!

Christmas is upon us. The season is in full swing and my family and I are all running around like little elves getting our preparations ready. This time of year can be hard but shopping at Purple using Slickdeals can alleviate some of your Christmas stress with money-saving & stress reducing perks! Purple offers lots of great products, from mattresses, seat cushions, pillows and more. And since my oldest is getting a “big boy” bedroom this Christmas we decided to shop at Purple using our Slickdeals coupons. Purple has an amazing kids section that offers lots of great mattresses that help kids sleep great with cool, joint-cradling comfort, so they can recharge. We love the fact that their mattresses are durable since let’s face it, boys will be boys. These mattresses are super durable when it comes to spilling food, etc. which is most definitely a must!

I could go on for all the reasons that Purple using will make your season merrier! This season can become unnecessarily stressful through the hustle and bustle. Simply your schedule and finances by shopping at Purple using your Slickdeals coupons. Visit either website for your holiday needs!

This post was brought to by Slickdeals.

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