Winter Skincare Routine: My Adore Cosmetics Review

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It’s time for a fresh and easy winter skincare routine! I’m excited to share some my favorite beauty products to help you combat dry skin during the colder months, and since we are at the beginning of February and there’s no warm weather forecast in our horizon anytime too soon I decided to come back with a winter edition of my daily regimen. 

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Adore Cosmetics Cellmax

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Adore Cosemetics_Cellmax_Beauty_Skincare_What Would V Wear



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Adore Cosmetics_Cellmax_What Would V Wear

Every now and then you need to take a break and get away for the weekend and this is exactly what my family and I did. We spent the weekend at the W Hotel in Chicago, to relax and to take some time off of our daily routines. We constantly answer to our schedules, routines and calendars. It’s a cycle we repeat every day, which leaves no room for spontaneity or change. But not this time, we packed our bags and off we went! This little getaway was exactly what we needed to recuperate and energize.

Day-to-day life can drain you which can have an effect on your skin, too. I have always been very passionate about skincare but this weekend I wanted to take extra care of my skin – with the help of Adore Cosmetics. Now first off, good skin care requires cleansing and moisturizing. Cleansing is essential to remove dirt and dead skin cells. However, cleansing can leave your skin dry and ruin important stem cells. Stem cells account for 2-7% of your skin’s total cells, yet they’re responsible for all of its ability to renew itself. As time passes and environmental damage mounts, they lose effectiveness—and skin loses its vitality.

I treat my skin to the anti-aging power of Plant Stem Cells with the Cell Max Collection consisting of a redefining facial cream, facial serum and thermal mask. It works perfectly with my skin – it combines a rich blend of vitamins, essential oils, organic flower extracts and organic vegetable proteins to my skin. Using these beauty products help me protect my skin’s own stem cells, the key to its regenerative ability, and by preventing UV stress and environmental damage. It also delays the skin aging process while promoting vitality and longevity of skin stem cells.

Adore Organic Innovation represents the most advanced breakthrough in anti-aging found in the beauty industry today. And it’s yours exclusively to adore.

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As always, thanks much for reading & have a wonderful Monday!



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