Currently craving…


1. Dress | 2. Sunglasses | 3. Handbag | 4. Lipgloss | 5. Sandals | 6. Watch | 7. Lipgloss

“Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself.”

– Swami Sivananda

Happy Tuesday, and thanks so much for stopping by! Today I’m continuing my weekly “favorite picks” section of items I’m currently craving. As you can see, tassels are making a comeback, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m literally lusting over the sandals and handbag. And guess what? The handbag is UNDER $300! Such a steal if you ask me!

The tassel trend has been been a fashion must for literal ages, mostly seen on earrings and necklaces but now on shoes and handbags?! I’m dying! So perfect for spring to welcome warmer days ahead, don’t you agree?

What are you currently lusting over? Let me know by commenting below, and as always, thanks much for reading!

PS: Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a new & exciting style post!

Much love.


Fashion Finds Under $50

Fashion Finds Under $50_Fashion Deals_What Would V Wear

Scarf $9.98 | Lipgloss $21 | Scarf $48 | IPhone Case $35 | Socks $28 | Essie Nail polish $8.50 | Armani Lipgloss $38 | Sweater $28.80 | Powder Foundation $27

Greetings from Paris, and thanks so much for stopping by! We’re having a grand time in Paris – it feels so good to be back! My son, husband and I have done tons of walking, and indulged in lots of cafe lattes, and hot chocolates for my son. I love the slower pace in Europe – it seems Parisians take a lot more time drinking their coffees compared to the US. As Americans we are always on the go – I’m certainly guilty of it, too. In a few weeks we’ll be heading to Germany, followed by a visit to the Netherlands. I can’t wait to show my son where I went to college, etc.

But anyhow, I’m excited to share my favorite fashion finds under $50 with you all again! Who doesn’t love a good deal, right? The handbag is my favorite – it’s super roomy and the leather is super soft + durable. I just purchased it for myself last week.

Do you know of any good deals? If so, let me know by commenting below!

Happy Shopping!