What’s In My Bag?!




Today I decided to give you a chic peek of what’s inside my bag because let’s face it: Our handbag/purse is our sanctuary, am I right?! My handbag holds all of my knickknacks and daily deeds. And let’s not forget: The contents of one’s bag oftentimes tell you a whole lot about its owner! So, here’s to a chic peek inside my bag, and ultimately my soul! Enjoy!

Daily Planner/Calendar: I truly cannot live without my daily planner. Each day I write down all of my tasks for the day, and once I accomplish them I actually mark them off with a pretty check mark! Yep, I’m that detail-oriented!

Sole Serum: This is the BEST thing ever. I pretty much live in heels, so whenever I feel like my feet are starting to hurt I apply Sole Serum on my feet! I’ll let it dry for a few seconds… et voilà! Pain no more, and my heels are back on! Seriously, it’s like Advil for your feet!

bareMinerals Lipgloss: Simply a must-have to keep my lips moisturized and hydrated throughout the day.

IPhone: How else would I be able to stay in touch with you all?! #socialmediafreak

IPad: I need help. #seriouslysocialmediacrazy

Business cards: I mean you never know who you are going to meet, besides, it’s super professional. Ha!

Chanel Perfume: My favorite scent, and my hubby loves it too.

Sunglasses: These Illesteva sunglasses are by far my favorite. I wear them all the time, like ALL THE TIME.

Wallet: Essential.

As always, thank you for reading & have a fabulous weekend!

PS: Thank You to those who have entered my GIVEAWAY with Albion Fit! We have a winner: It is Merrie K., style blogger at PetiteCareerGirl! Congratulations, love!

shopthepost12CALENDAR: GiGi New York c/o | SUNGLASSESIllesteva via Neiman Marcus | PERFUME: CHANEL | WALLET: Louis Vuitton | LIP GLOSS: bareMinerals c/o