10 Feel-Good Skincare Products


It’s time for a fresh and easy winter skincare routine! I’m excited to share some my favorite beauty products to help you combat dry skin during the colder months, and since we are approaching winter and there’s no warm weather forecast in our horizon anytime too soon I decided to come back with a winter edition of my favorite beauty products.

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My Skincare Routine with Orogold

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Who does’t want great looking skin? No matter how old you are it’s important to create a core regimen so, you can enjoy perfect skin your whole life. Orogold, is my preferred beauty brand when it comes to my daily skincare routine. I’ve been using Orogold’s 24K Tèrmica Collection which is known for its ability to reduce the appearance of deep facial expression lines. The collection consists of a serum, completion cream and energizing mask. This unique collection helps me achieve radiant, and fresh looking skin.


Tèrmica Activation Serum – I use this serum everyday (morning/night). The serum is super smooth and feels great on my skin. I usually apply a drop or two to cover my entire face.

Tèrmica Completion Cream – I only apply a thin later of the cream on my entire face. I love how my skin feels afterwards. It’s softer and fresher.

Orogold_What Would V Wear_Beauty_Skincare Routine_Vanessa Lambert

Tèrmica Energizing Mask – This mask truly works wonders on my skin. I use it once a week for the first month, and then monthly after. With the mask you don’t have to save. I tend to apply a generous amount over my entire face. I massage it thoroughtly into my skin until my face is covered with an even layer. I leave the mask on for about 10 minutes and then I rise it off. My skins feels so energized afterwards! I love it!

To learn more about Orogold go HERE or check out their Instagram @Orogoldcosmetics!

What are your beauty and/or skincare secrets? Let me know by commuting below!

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