Slit Tunic






I love slit tunics this season, it allows you to show some skin while still being conservative. I paired my A’GACI slit tunic with my favorite ripped denim and accessories.

Speaking of accessories, I’m so EXCITED to announce that you can finally purchase brand new jewelry for my  V Wear Collection featuring beautiful cuff’s, and druzy bracelets. As I have mentioned before my new collection is very dear to my heart since I have incorporated some of my father’s favorite colors into my jewelry. My father passed away 2 years ago, and it is still a pain that I carry with me each and every day. His spirit is always with me, though, and I truly hope that he is smiling down on me.

And before I forget: I’m beyond honored to feature R.Riveter on the blog today as well. I’m wearing their Patton Crossbody, and I just love it! Each piece of my bag was made by a military spouse, assembled in Ft. Bragg, N.C, using up-cycled tent material. Hence this handbag is such a great symbol of our American spirit, don’t you agree? To learn more about R.Riveter please click HERE.

My new limited edition collection is now available HERE. Only limited quantities will be available so, be sure to get your new pieces before they are sold out.

Much love.

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  SLIT TUNIC: A’GACI c/o ) | SUNGLASSES: Illesteva via Neiman Marcus | BRACELETS & EARRINGS: What Would V Wear (available NOW!) | NECKLACE: Happiness Boutique c/o | JEANS: CHOIES c/o | SHOES: Nordstrom


Denim Dress





Have you checked your denim stash lately? Chances are, it’s probably in need of an update, especially when there’s a handful of fresh new trends that are influencing your denim. From bell bottom jeans to denim dresses and skirts – denim is making a huge comeback, and that’s for sure! This season is all about reinterpreting denim in fresh new ways, and I couldn’t be more excited! Grab your denim pieces out of your closet now, and start wearing them, of course, all season long!

But now, as promised, I’m going to answer all of your questions you have asked me on social media and via emails. I decided to share a bit more about me and my blogging career since so many of you have asked me questions in the past. At first, I was quite hesitant to open up since the online world, at least to me, is not always the safest and nicest place. But you are all so amazing which is why I decided to let my guards down and share more about who I am, and what exactly motivated me to blog. Enjoy, and thank you again for all of your questions and your tremendous support. You guys are seriously the best.

How do you start a successful blog, and gain honest followers?

It all starts with choosing your blogging platform first. Some bloggers prefer Blogger vs WordPress. You really need to decide which of the platforms work best for you (I prefer WordPress over Blogger but that’s just me). Next, find your niche. What is it that you really enjoy? Blog about something that you’re passionate about which is followed by embracing your uniqueness and use it to STAND OUT when starting a blog. The followers will come as you engage with them! Don’t think that they will find you! You need to put in some leg work as well! Engage with fellow bloggers, especially the ones that are starting out like you. For instance, I heavily relied on Instagram to find fellow bloggers. I would hashtag “styleblogger”, for example, and this gave me the opportunity to find fellow fashion bloggers.

What keeps you motivated, and where do you source your inspiration?

YOU, aka my readers.

Without you I certainly wouldn’t blog. I love connecting with all of of you, and support your blogs as well! I’m a big believer in “Women supporting Women“. Most of my inspiration I draw online, either from Pinterest and/or flipping through VOGUE magazine.

Have you considered acting for TV/movies?

In fact, I have. It has been a childhood dream of mine. For many years I played leading roles for our hometown theater. Interestingly, though my acting passion went away as I got older, and I chose a different, YET similar path in design and fashion instead.

How do you take such gorgeous flatlays on Instagram?

Lighting is key, and a good background is a must (I prefer a solid white background). Now all you need to do is use your visualizing senses. Position your items nicely (no negative space!), and remember that often less is more. I also love to use filters to make my flatlays pop.

If you had to dress in one silhouette for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

It would probably walk around in dresses for the rest of my life. It’s much easier since it is a one-piece garment, and I love a feminine look, always.

How do you find the time to blog consistently?!

Yes, blogging consistently is hard, but it’s essential for building an influential platform. It’s important to set a schedule that you stick with. For instance, I carve out dedicated time to work. I take all of my blog pictures (3 outfit posts for the week) on Saturday and edit them the same day. Each photo session lasts about 5min which is great because I really wouldn’t have the patience to stand/pose for much longer + my son is always with us. On Sunday I write all of my content for the week. So, again it’s important that you stick to a schedule that helps you to stay focused.

Do you block out a certain amount of time daily for blogging and social media?

Yes, I have a set schedule, always. My Saturday mornings are dedicated for pictures, and my Sunday evenings for content. My social media are mostly pre-scheduled as well. I’m a huge fan of Hootsuite.

How do you balance motherhood and working?

It’s all about managing your time wisely. I always make sure that I have nothing going on after work (I also have a full-time corporate job) so, that I can spend quality time with my son and husband.

Who takes your fantastic pictures?

My husband, he’s fantastic.

As always, thanks much for reading, and have an amazing weekend!



  DRESS: Choies c/o ) | SUNGLASSES: Illesteva via Neiman Marcus | BRACELETS & EARRINGS: What Would V Wear (available August 10!) | NECKLACE: Tiny Tags c/o | SHOES: Nordstrom


Casual Dress






There is something so lovely about a simple, everyday dress, don’t you agree? I am currently crushing on this super casual day dress from Boohoo which is under $30 y’all!

I needed something easy since 99% of time I am always running around, for instance: Getting Kingston, my son ready for school, heading to work, pick Kingston up from school, go grocery shopping…oh, and I blog and currently pursue jewelry making. So, you get the picture. I live a very busy life. This being said, every now and then I just crave something easy – hence I purchased this casual dress.

What do you think?! Do tell, by commenting below & don’t forget to ask me some questions! If you follow me on Instagram, you may or may not know that I have decided to spill some beans about blogging and myself. Either shoot me an email, comment below or comment on this picture HERE, and ask me any question(s) you may have! I will answer all questions on Friday’s blog post!

As always, thanks much for stopping by & have a lovely Wednesday!



  DRESS: Boohoo c/o | SUNGLASSES: Illesteva via Neiman Marcus | BRACELETS & EARRINGS: What Would V Wear (available August 10!) | NECKLACE: Tiny Tags c/o | SHOES: Nordstrom | CLUTCH: GiGi New York c/o

Brought to you by Boohoo.


Boohoo Dress






There was a time when my style used to be very monochromatic. I always wore black and/or black and white. As I got older, I started experimenting more, trying different styles, and added lots of colors to my wardrobe but lately, I’ve been coming back to my monochromatic roots. While online shopping at Boohoo, I discovered this white, crochet, off-the-shoulder dress (did I mention that I’m absolutely obsessed with off-the-shoulders tops and dresses?!) and I knew right away that I got to have it! It’s beyond perfect for summer, don’t you agree?

As always, thanks much for visiting & have a lovely Monday!



  DRESS: Boohoo c/o ) | SUNGLASSES: Illesteva via Neiman Marcus | BRACELETS & EARRINGS: What Would V Wear (available August 10!) | NECKLACE: Tiny Tags c/o | HEELS: Steve Madden via Nordstrom

Brought to you by Boohoo.








What does happiness mean to you?! After all, this is what we all strive after, am I right? Truthfully I don’t think I really knew what love and happiness was really about until I became a mother, to my now 3 year old son. Blogging, to a certain extent brings happiness as well, but it scares me at times too. As you continue to grow, the more and more people know about you – even if it is just your brand/blog persona. I’m still getting used to it and learn as I go, and I truly hope you will grow with me. Because after all, YOU are the reason that motivates me to keep on going. Your comments and support mean the world to me, and yes, they add a good amount of happiness to my life, so thank you for that.

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.”

William E. Gladstone

As always, thanks much for reading & have a wonderful weekend!

Much love.



  SUNGLASSES: Illesteva via Neiman Marcus | DENIM: Shopbop | BLOUSE: Target (similar HERE) | BRACELETS & EARRINGS: What Would V Wear (available August 10!) | NECKLACE: Happiness Boutique c/o | HEELS: Steve Madden via Nordstrom