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“Teeth aren’t pearly, until you smile”.

Anthony Liccione

For us style bloggers, a good smile can be just as important as the clothes we are wearing. I’ve been known for my big smile, which comes naturally with my cheerful and bubbly nature.

I’m a big advocate on teeth cleaning, from daily flossing to teeth whitening every 3 to 6 months – yet I must admit that I have very sensitive teeth. Finding a product that’s great with my teeth is therefore a must, and luckily I’ve found a product that has been very gentle on my teeth. I’ve been using the Botanical Teeth Whitening System Kit from DazzlePro for about a month now and I’ve been very happy with it (it’s a peroxide free formula, so it’s more natural and a good alternative for people with really sensitive teeth). It’s an effective solution for whitening your teeth at home. The kit comes with a professional strength botanical whitening gel combined with an accelerating power of blue LED light.

You begin the process by custom molding whitening trays to your teeth. Once this is complete the professional strength botanical teeth whitening gel is applied. The cold blue LED light accelerates the breakdown of the whitening solution accelerating the whitening process for your teeth.

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