Fashion Finds Under $50

Fashion Finds Under $50_Fashion Deals_What Would V Wear

Scarf $9.98 | Lipgloss $21 | Scarf $48 | IPhone Case $35 | Socks $28 | Essie Nail polish $8.50 | Armani Lipgloss $38 | Sweater $28.80 | Powder Foundation $27

Greetings from Paris, and thanks so much for stopping by! We’re having a grand time in Paris – it feels so good to be back! My son, husband and I have done tons of walking, and indulged in lots of cafe lattes, and hot chocolates for my son. I love the slower pace in Europe – it seems Parisians take a lot more time drinking their coffees compared to the US. As Americans we are always on the go – I’m certainly guilty of it, too. In a few weeks we’ll be heading to Germany, followed by a visit to the Netherlands. I can’t wait to show my son where I went to college, etc.

But anyhow, I’m excited to share my favorite fashion finds under $50 with you all again! Who doesn’t love a good deal, right? The handbag is my favorite – it’s super roomy and the leather is super soft + durable. I just purchased it for myself last week.

Do you know of any good deals? If so, let me know by commenting below!

Happy Shopping!


Fashion Finds Under $50

Fashion Finds Under $50_What Would V Wear_2

Poncho $48 | Nail polish $8.50 | Scarf $48 | Gold Earbuds $29.99 | Handbag $48 | Pink Fringe Vest $46.80 | Sara Happ Sparkling Pink $35 | Earrings $34 | Mug $16

I’m excited to share my “Fashion Finds Under $50” with you all today! From now on you will find every Wednesday fabulous fashions for UNDER $50 on What Would V Wear. Highlighting chic, trendy pieces that won’t break your bank is almost essential, don’t think? I must admit: Online shopping is a critical part of my daily routine especially as a blogger. In fact, a blogger’s day ins’t complete without browsing your favorite online stores, however, I’m always on the lookout for great deals! So, I thought: Why not share them with you as well?

Lucky for you, I scored nine (9) fabulous finds of some of my favorite online places to shop — all $50 or under. Hopefully, you’ll love these goodies as much as I do, and guess what? You can shop them guilt-free! If not, maybe you can add some of the stores your personal online arsenal. And to those who say web shopping isn’t the same as actual brick-and-mortar retail therapy, well, I simply disagree with you. How can you possibly say “No” to these steals?

Happy shopping!