All About the Baker Boy Hat


Over the weekend I had posted a question on my Instagram stories regarding the baker boy hat and whether or not it suited me…I loved reading all of your responses and I was glad to hear that over 60% voted “yes”. So, I decided to rock this look and try something new! Overall fashion should be fun, am I right?!


So, the baker boy hat trend is taking over Hollywood from Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner. While I must admit that I was a bit hesitant (after my husband told me: “Nope, doesn’t look good!”) myself. The name of this hat style seems endless, from paperboy cap, lieutenant cap, fisherman hat, baker boy hat, news boy cap, captain’s cap — the list goes on. But one thing is certain: You will see this silhouette a ton this season. That I am 100% sure of. You may or may not like it but believe me when I say that this trend will be huge this fall/winter!


Click on to shop the caps for yourself, grab a baguette, and pretend you’re in Paris — at least I wish I was there right now.

Which one is your favorite?

As always, thanks so much for stopping & have a great week!







  1. October 30, 2017 / 1:34 AM

    Vanessa, checking on you to see what you’ve been up to is one of the reasons I’m always excited to dip back into the blogging world!And lookey hereeeee at what I missed, didn’t know that baker boy hats were taking over the world ( ; I love the look hon, very sexy chic biker gal with the biker jacket embroided with florals, velvet boots then the hat- woop WOOP! Your post really cements the fact that as women we really dress for ourselves…half the time the boys either don’t like it or ‘get it’- haha! Have a lovely week ahead hon.Xx

  2. Cora
    October 30, 2017 / 1:50 AM

    Love the look, thanks for posting this..

  3. October 30, 2017 / 3:13 AM

    Great outfit with a little edge!

  4. October 30, 2017 / 7:14 AM

    I wish I could pull of hats as I love this look – I’ve always admired these hats ever since that scene in Love Actually with Kiera Knightly! One day I might be able to pull it off as well as you, I just don’t think I have that cool factor, ha!

    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! We had a quiet one dealing with sick toddlers unfortunately. Thankfully everyone is feeling better!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Simone
    October 30, 2017 / 7:59 AM

    Love your parisian look! That hat looks so gorgeous on you and I’ve totally fallen for your velvet booties. Have a great day

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  6. imogenroseblogs
    October 30, 2017 / 11:51 AM

    You absolutely ROCK this look. The baker boy hat trend certainly suits you lovely <3 Imogen xx

  7. jenniferpickering22gmailcom
    October 30, 2017 / 1:41 PM

    I think you look amazing in that hat! And I love your embroidered leather jacket!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  8. October 30, 2017 / 2:15 PM

    I love the baker boy hat. I wore that exact one you linked to London & Milan Fashion Week a month ago and it’s a great way to complete an outfit. 🙂 What a gorgeous look, Vanessa! I hope you’re having a lovely week!


  9. October 30, 2017 / 3:07 PM

    Of course it suits you, dear V.! A lot, super beautiful and your outfit is so cool! I loved the boots, the jacket and the glasses! Everything embroidered draws my attention, such a cool jacket! you are always so gorgeous! I am not on Instagram, so I have just seen the pictures of you and baby Jaxson on your Instagram feed here, dear V. He is sooo cute, lovely! Hope you have a nice week! Hugs and kisses!

  10. Amy Arnold
    October 30, 2017 / 3:20 PM

    I love this trend. It definitely suits you!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. October 30, 2017 / 3:31 PM

    I am obsessed with mine too, you look awesome babe and it suits your long hair \:) xx

  12. Heidi
    October 30, 2017 / 5:56 PM

    Girl you look incredible! I love everything about this look! I hope your week is off to a great start:)

  13. busyandfab
    October 30, 2017 / 11:11 PM

    How good is this look, fierce and trendy. Definitely, you rock the baker boy hat trend.

  14. October 31, 2017 / 6:57 AM

    I really need to try this baker boy hat. You styled it so beautifully.
    Happy New Week dear.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  15. Annabelle
    November 5, 2017 / 12:35 PM

    I have an actual collection of baker boy hats going on atm and I just throw one of them on every time I go out the door. Love the look of them!

    x Annabelle

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