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Jewelry making is a passion of mine, and I cannot thank you all enough for being supportive as I’m pursuing this little adventure. Many of you have sent me amazing pictures rocking my jewelry, and it truly makes my heart smile knowing that you cherish my pieces as much as I do. Get your stack HERE.


DRESS: Dainty Jewells c/o | SUNGLASSES: Forever 21 (sold out, similar HERE) | HEELS: Steve Madden via Nordstrom

Beautiful friendships were formed, thanks to Instagram. I had the opportunity to meet one of my IG besties, Michelle from GoldDustAndSugarLust and what can I tell you?! She is beautiful, inside and out. So blessed to know her and her adorable family. Check out her blog HERE.


Photography: Rene Atchison

 Jennifer, founder of LinenLaceAndLove wears my colorful bead bracelets to perfection. She is a beautiful soul, and I encourage all of you to visit her blog HERE.


Photography: Emily Charron & Blair Staky

DRESS: CHOIES c/o (ON SALE FOR $26!) | BRACELETS: Cartier Love Bangles

Collaborated with Wandeleur at Donna Hall‘s apartment to shoot a special project titled: “When Interior Design Meets Fashion“which was probably one of my favorite collaborations.


My favorite pair of shoes. Get them HERE for under $30!

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Happy Friday, lovelies! No outfit post today but instead I decided to share some of my favorite Instagram pictures with you! Instagram has really been such an amazing tool that not only allows me to follow some my favorite bloggers but also connect with some of you on a deeper level that led to amazing friendships. This whole blogging experience has been so wonderful and I am truly grateful for all of you! I read all of your comments, and I really do try to respond to all of your comments – even though it can be tough at times. Besides blogging and jewelry making, I also have a full-time corporate job + I am a mother to a beautiful son who will turn 4 this year. Life gets hectic at times but all of you encourage me each day to keep on going! Hence, thank you all for your amazing support! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful women, YOU (!), who inspire me each and every day!

As always, thanks much for reading and don’t forget to stop by Monday for a new outfit post!

I love you all.



DRESS: CHOIES c/o (ON SALE FOR $26!) | BUCKLED BLOCK HEELS: Forever21 | BEAD BRACELETS: V Wear Collection | DRESS: Dainty Jewells c/o | SUNGLASSES: Forever 21 (sold out, similar HERE) | HEELS: Steve Madden via Nordstrom | BRACELETS: Cartier Love Bangles


Insta Lately

Happy Friday, lovelies! I just got back from New Orleans last night hence I’m a bit tired today. Things have been busy ever since I returned yet in a good way, though.

I have an exciting project lined up which I am super thrilled about! I cannot wait to share it with you but in the mean time I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite Instagram (@WhatWouldVWear) snaps with you today…Enjoy!

As always, thanks so much for following along & have a great weekend!

Much love!




Sun Showers






Last weekend my husband, son and I went to Garfield Park’s Conservatory to see the 2015 Spring Show, called “Sun Showers”. It truly is beautiful. More than 200 yellow umbrellas hang from the glass ceiling, celebrating both the rain and sun that bring us hopeful spring flowers.

I was so inspired after our visit, and it reminded me how beautiful life is in general. I did take a few pictures, and I initially wanted to share some on my Instagram but my husband and I have the rule not to be on our cell phone’s during the weekend so, we can spend more quality time together. It is very important to us. It’s funny how much beauty we’re surrounded with, and yet people prefer looking down on their cell phones. Technology is evolving so quickly that many of us are barely aware of how our behavior is changing and how our most important relationships are threatened. My family is my life, and I never ever want technology replace what is “real” in my life.

For instance, the other day my family and I walked into a restaurant and we noticed a couple seated near us. And we noticed that this couple did not really enjoy this opportunity to be together, because one was patiently waiting for the other to stop texting. Once finished, the food came, they ate and left. No word has come out of their mouths. Sad and scary – and yet we see it so often. People replaced conversation with connectivity.

I recently read this amazing quote: “Anything that becomes a necessity has the ability to become an idol”. In other words, you can become so attached to your smartphone that it basically becomes the most important thing in your life: “If you can’t live without a gadget … throw it away. If a gadget is absorbing most of your leisure time … throw it away! Life is too short. Let’s not invest what little time we have in meaningless endeavors.” And yet – I heavily rely on social media especially as a blogger and entrepreneur – but I do remind myself that it’s not the most important thing in life. Our family, and our relationship to our heavenly father is the most important gift we have in life.

As always, thanks much for reading & have a wonderful, and hopefully a ‘cell phone less’ weekend!

Much love!


pink-lineDRESS: Chicnova c/o | SUNGLASSES: Illesteva via Neiman Marcus