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This spring I’m upgrading my coffee with Dunkin’ Donuts® Original Cold Brew Coffee to keep cool during spring and summer. Dunkin’ Donuts Original Cold Brew coffee packs provide a more balanced and blended coffee forward taste as a result of its craft brewing method. Continue reading to learn more + I’m sharing an easy iced latte recipe you don’t want to miss out on! So, while everyone’s getting daffy for daffodils, I’m over here getting crazy for coffee!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

As we are in the midst of the spring season I thought I would share a great spring themed coffee recipe with you! The coffee in question is an Iced Latte. This is a very simple and easy coffee to make which can be done in the comfort of your own home, but first you will need a few ingredients.

The list of ingredients includes:
 Dunkin’ Dunuts Original Cold Brew | Milk | 1 and a ½ cups of ice cubes

When you have all the ingredients, you can start to make your own iced latte! To start off you will need to

  • add water into a water pitcher
  • add two (2) Dunkin Donuts coffee packs into the pitcher
  • put in the fridge for 24hrs

and afterwards you can enjoy iced cold coffee! But as you may know, I’m an avid latte drinker so, I’ll be sharing how to make my famous and easy iced latte!

Since my Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee is now ready to be served I can go ahead and pour some into a mug. I simply add a little bit of milk (not creamer!) and et voilà – I can now enjoy an iced latte!I blend these two ingredients together so the milk combines nicely with the coffee. After that add in the ice cubes and continue to blend until the iced latte is smooth. And that’s it! If you want, you may want to add some whipped cream or some caramel sauce on top for some extra deliciousness! And the freshly brewed Dunkin’ Donuts Original Cold Brew coffee packs allow a customizable, craft experience to highlight the smooth and rich notes of the coffee.


So, let’s celebrate spring with Dunkin’ Donuts Original Cold Brew Coffee which can be purchased at Meijer (located in the coffee aisle). You can save some money here with this mPerks offer from Meijer. Skip spending $$$ at your local coffee shop and whip up this perky iced latte from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Not only does it look pretty, but it’s super delicious too! Have you tried it? Let me know by commenting below and be sure to share your favorite coffee recipe with me!

As always, thanks so much for reading & have a fabulous week!


Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew Coffee available at Meijer

You can save some money here with this mPerks offer from Meijer




  1. April 7, 2018 / 1:07 AM

    Have a great weekend Vanessa!

  2. Cora
    April 7, 2018 / 9:08 AM

    Looks yummy…I have to try this…
    Have a nice weekend Babe..😘😍

  3. April 8, 2018 / 4:26 PM

    I never expected this to be so easy! I will definitely give this recipe a try Vanessa, thanks for sharing <3
    xx, Carmen – http://carmitive.com

  4. April 8, 2018 / 4:45 PM

    Your red knit looks so cute, and this is an interesting recipe, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Hope you are having a great weekend! We had a busy one, some Church Online people flew over from the US so the weekend was full of activities 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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