The Business of Blogging

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My Monday’s are typically very busy. I’m catching up on all of my emails and social media, as well as preparing my content for the rest of the week. I get up around 6:30AM each morning and start working around 7:00AM. I try and finish by noon, take a break and then use the rest of the afternoon for meetings and/or editing blog content for the week ahead.


Sometimes I cannot help but smile when people think that the life of a blogger is glamorous. Now it certainly has its very special perks that make it seem very glamorous but being a professional blogger also means: A lot of work.

The pressure is constant – being a digital publisher means to come up with content that is not only visually attractive but also ‘entertaining’ at the same time. People visit your blog for many different reasons — but I doubt most of my readers come to simply look at my pictures. Well, I hope they don’t. We all have a unique voice, and I’m really trying to use my own. I try to share my story with you — hoping that we can learn from each other.

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Around 4PM things start calm down and I can actually relax a bit before I officially stop working by 5:30PM. Having a set schedule each day is extremely important to me. I treat my “work from home” situation just like my former corporate job where I had my set hours.

How about you?! How do you treat your blogging business? Or perhaps blogging is your hobby? Either way, I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thanks much for reading & have a fabulous Monday!

Much love.



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