The Business of Blogging

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My Monday’s are typically very busy. I’m catching up on all of my emails and social media, as well as preparing my content for the rest of the week. I get up around 6:30AM each morning and start working around 7:00AM. I try and finish by noon, take a break and then use the rest of the afternoon for meetings and/or editing blog content for the week ahead.


Sometimes I cannot help but smile when people think that the life of a blogger is glamorous. Now it certainly has its very special perks that make it seem very glamorous but being a professional blogger also means: A lot of work.

The pressure is constant – being a digital publisher means to come up with content that is not only visually attractive but also ‘entertaining’ at the same time. People visit your blog for many different reasons — but I doubt most of my readers come to simply look at my pictures. Well, I hope they don’t. We all have a unique voice, and I’m really trying to use my own. I try to share my story with you — hoping that we can learn from each other.

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Around 4PM things start calm down and I can actually relax a bit before I officially stop working by 5:30PM. Having a set schedule each day is extremely important to me. I treat my “work from home” situation just like my former corporate job where I had my set hours.

How about you?! How do you treat your blogging business? Or perhaps blogging is your hobby? Either way, I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thanks much for reading & have a fabulous Monday!

Much love.



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  1. March 14, 2016 / 1:06 AM

    Such a great and truthful post! I get that all the time… ‘such a glamorous life as a fashion blogger’! Most people do not realize the amount of work, dedication and passion it takes! You always have such lovely content to share– thank you for being such an inspiration!

    xo, Jennifer

  2. March 14, 2016 / 1:10 AM

    I work full time at Microsoft and basically blog at night heheh. It’s definitely not glamorous at all and is so much work! So awesome to see you doing this full time now!


  3. March 14, 2016 / 2:08 AM

    I do visit your blog because of your voice. It is amazing to know someone who is passionate about life like you.
    To me blogging is a pure hobby, I have started it to escape my daily routine when it comes to my college and do something I like, so mainly I wake up everyday, catch up some studying for about to hours, then I start working on my blog, but I work on it for different time, between studying and college to try to find a balance between those two important things in my life.

  4. March 14, 2016 / 3:38 AM

    It takes a lot of time! But bits a passion!

  5. Michelle Joseph
    March 14, 2016 / 3:43 AM

    I come to your blog to look at pictures and to read lool. Love it. When I come back to blogging, it will be a hobby. It’s good that you have a specific schedule.

    Mich xx

  6. March 14, 2016 / 5:38 AM

    It sometimes annoys me when people assume that bloggers life a glamorous lives. They don’t realise how much effort we need to put before a post appears online.

  7. Andrea @ Living On Cloud Nine
    March 14, 2016 / 5:42 AM

    Oh blogging is a lot of work and I wish it was my business, for now, just a hobby but it’s all worth it as a creative outlet, inspiration gained from others and the relationships made. You are a beautiful reason I am happy to blog and your sweet space and voice here always puts a smile on my face!! Keep up the excellent job beautiful!!

  8. March 14, 2016 / 5:49 AM

    I always love hearing how bloggers manage their time – especially full-time bloggers! Agreed that having a set work schedule is very important. It’s the only way I can get things done! Blogging is just a hobby for me right now, but I try to treat it like a second job + set aside hours after my full-time gig. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it, just like you’re saying, beautiful!


  9. March 14, 2016 / 6:18 AM

    Thanks for sharing your routine. I blog in between styling clients and driving around my sons. 🙂 It started as a hobby but hopefully will turn into more in the near future. These are beautiful photos! Have a terrific week!

  10. March 14, 2016 / 6:50 AM

    I love your schedule!! I am currently a full time blogger and a stylist and my schedule is not as planned as yours and I can totally borrow a few pointers. You look flawless in that white blazer and faux leather pants, your strappy heels are giving me so much life!!! You are such a vision!

  11. March 14, 2016 / 7:15 AM

    I definitely can tell how it is a lot of work and I am glad that you set a schedule! I noticed that when working from home, I can easily get carried away with working. But the hours should not be treated any differently like working in a office! Whatever you are doing, you are doing an amazing job Vanessa!

  12. March 14, 2016 / 7:25 AM

    This is such a great post, Vanessa. Blogging is SO much work and I totally agree, people think it’s all glamour! I’m up at 4:30 for work and then home by 7 to start blogging. It’s a long day but I love blogging and getting to meet such amazing women through this community, it’s totally worth it! Thanks for sharing your daily routine, you are doing such an amazing job! Happy Monday!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  13. March 14, 2016 / 8:07 AM

    Thanks for sharing about your typical work day! I have a corporate job so I usually do most of my blogging either after work or on the weekends!

  14. March 14, 2016 / 8:26 AM

    Thanks for sharing! You have a very unique and authentic voice and amazing content, and I always love to visit your blog. Blogging is a lot more work than people think, but we do it because we love it!


  15. March 14, 2016 / 9:14 AM

    Such a fun post, Vanessa! I love getting a peek into how other people spend their days. I actually started blogging when I started freelancing and working from home. Even though I had, and continue to have, a busy work schedule, I also have more flexibility with how I spend my days. I typically spend the morning catching up on emails and to do’s from my European clients and then transition to blogging around 10 a.m. From 12 p.m. on, I use that time to work on any deadlines I have and treat my blogging schedule with the same frame of mind I do my clients. xx

    Audrey Adair |

  16. March 14, 2016 / 9:24 AM

    I love the idea of having set hours when blogging from home. I cannot wait until I can be a full time blogger, my goal is by the end of the year!! cross your fingers for me! In the mean time, I love all these great tips. Def gives me things to expect when I get to where you are!

  17. March 14, 2016 / 9:38 AM

    I love how truthful this post is! It can be so hard sometimes to explain to people the work that goes into a blog, and keeping your voice throughout the blog! People automatically think it’s so glamorous and that this just comes to you when in actuality its so much work! love this post!

  18. Lorna
    March 14, 2016 / 10:10 AM

    I actually find it really hard to work set hours, due to things being all different timings and from different countries etc. I generally get up at 10am and check emails then, then start working at 11am, maybe finish about 11pm, with breaks in between, so I don’t work flat out for all that time. I always try to take Saturday off and as much as Sunday off as I can, but there’s often so much to do with all the blogs I run. It’s definitely not glamorous at all like you said it isn’t, most the time I’m in no make up and loungewear while I work lol!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  19. March 14, 2016 / 10:19 AM

    Having set hours for blogging is definitely a must, you don’t want to end up getting burned out! May I add, you always look so fabulous!!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  20. March 14, 2016 / 11:13 AM

    Ojalá fuera mi trabajo…. simplemente es mi afición y la verdad es que a veces pienso si quiero que sea algo más y no lo tengo claro… quiero seguir llevando una vida medianamente relajada, compartir ratos con mi hija cada día… no quiero desaparecer de casa…
    Así que de momento estamos bien como estamos.

    el blog de renée

  21. March 14, 2016 / 12:09 PM

    That is great that you’re able to keep such a great schedule while working from home! I work full time so it’s early mornings, busy lunch breaks and late nights plus super busy weekends working for me! Lots of work but I love it!

  22. March 14, 2016 / 1:57 PM

    You have a busy schedule! I too have a schedule but it is hard juggling full time work and full time blogging. I love blogging though, would love to make it my full time job, it is so much work but such a great reward and community.

    XO Chelsea

  23. March 14, 2016 / 2:15 PM

    That has to be the biggest blogging misconception which bothers me the most…that people think it’s always easy and fun or glamorous. I do love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But it is a LOT of work and requires one to fill so many different roles. I do wish it was respected more. It’s like being an editor, writer, stylist, photographer, web builder, and more depending on which type of blogging….modeling for fashion bloggers, recipe developer for food bloggers…event planner if you’re a lifestyle blogger. Not to mention all of the emailing and collaborating behind the scenes. It’s really important for me to stick to a schedule too since I’m working from home. It’s always nice to hear about other blogger’s schedules. I really enjoy your blog….both the photos and the writing.


  24. March 14, 2016 / 3:36 PM

    You look so beautiful and like a top boss lady, Vanessa! I adore your outfit and like I told you on Instagram, that bag is fabulous! I think it’s great that you set a schedule for the day and week; I do the same and my schedule looks a lot like yours. I feel the only way for us to be perfectly balanced and maintain our sanity (haha) is to set boundaries and when working from home, it’s even more important because it can become so easy to over work yourself, since you don’t have the reminder to take your lunch break or small breaks in between. Thanks for sharing what the start of your week is usually like! I hope you’re having a great start to your week, my dear and beautiful friend!



  25. March 14, 2016 / 5:36 PM

    First of all, you look fantastic! The blazer is stunning! I work from home but blogging is my hobby, so it’s a balance of working to pay the bills and writing for fun. Inspiring post, you’re doing an amazing job with photos and personal content. Hope you’re having an awesome week!

  26. MC
    March 14, 2016 / 6:48 PM

    I love this behind-the-scenes look into your daily work week! It can definitely be tough juggling it all and I’m constantly impressed by you lady!

  27. March 14, 2016 / 7:39 PM

    Thanks for being an inspiration and sharing your lovely (albeit busy) day as a professional blogging! I am still hoping I could take the leap to making blogging as a source of livelihood – I have to take tips from you on that. Have a week as lovely as you!


  28. March 14, 2016 / 7:41 PM

    I’m with ya, V! Blogging is tough business… I get 2 posts up per week, would love to be at 3… but with other obligations it’s difficult! I definitely enjoy blogging as a hobby…and often it’s a paid hobby! :o)

    I like that you set a schedule… that’s very important!! One of the most aggravating things about planning, however, is when you want to do an outside shoot and the weather doesn’t cooperate… on to plan B, right?

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Edgy Florals…

  29. March 14, 2016 / 8:58 PM

    For sure! Blogging really is a lot of work! Working a little bit ahead works best for me, so I can afford getting sick, having bad weather, or other things that keep life busy. XO

  30. March 14, 2016 / 10:06 PM

    You are very inspirational Vanessa! I really love to read your posts and always so happy to know that you followed your dream path and succeeded!
    My day is not that exciting, I work from 9 to 6-7 (depends on the workload), then have bunch or errands to do, workout & blog when I have a free time on the week days because weekends are busy with other stuff))) But I really love it so much! I’m still trying to schedule all the photoshoots for the weekends, so that is my goal for this year!

  31. March 14, 2016 / 10:29 PM

    awesome post! our schedules are very similar! hehe love hearing how other bloggers days are!

  32. March 15, 2016 / 12:25 AM

    Thanks for sharing your routine with us and for shining a light on how much work goes in to creating a blog. You always post such great quality content, you inspire me, always. And I value your opinion!
    There are definitely some reward to blogging but it’s not without it’s hard work. I wish I could blog full-time but I balance it with work, family and taking of my mother who has some health issues. I try to dedicated certain days for strictly blogging but sometimes it isn’t possible so blogging ends up happening at night. I try not to get to stressed out about it because at the end of the day I feel lucky to be able to do something I love.
    Thanks again for sharing! Hope you have a great week.

    xo, jackie

  33. March 15, 2016 / 12:34 AM

    Siempre estas perfecta en cada uno de tus looks. Soy total admiradora tuya. BSS Y FELIZ SEMANA.

  34. March 15, 2016 / 5:06 AM

    Our schedules are very similar, yet I have to share my time with my other business – designing and handmaking my jewelry.
    I think you’re doing wonderfully your job, darling.

  35. March 15, 2016 / 9:12 AM

    So true! And even sometime they say it’s a time wasting to have a blog as a hobby, but those are people who don’t understand this “world”. I hate it when they say IT’S SO EASY TO TAKE PHOTOS AND THEN UPLOAD THEM ON A BLOG. They don’t know the hard work behind.

  36. Megan
    March 15, 2016 / 9:33 AM

    You are such an inspiration to me, Vanessa! I can only imagine who busy you must be! I used to blog but stopped but you are inspiring me to give it another shot! You have done so many amazing thing with your blog which shows in your success!
    xoxo, Meg

  37. Amy Ann
    March 15, 2016 / 10:43 AM

    I think blogging is a hobby/business for me. Ha! I still enjoy it so much, so it feels like a hobby, but it is definitely a lot of work. I know if I did it full time, keeping a schedule would be important to me too. Loving your black and white!!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  38. Marta
    March 15, 2016 / 11:34 AM

    Hi Vanessa, thanks so much for sharing about your blogging experience! I appreciate your honesty and really admire how you have turned your amazing blog into a business. That is certainly not an easy step at all and the amount of work is significant so I’m really proud of you! It’s clear that you put your heart & soul into it which is why I think you are so successful. There is no pretentiousness from you and for me that makes all the difference, I think that’s also a reason you really stand out and why I love you so much too! Of course I adore your style and you always inspire me when it comes to fashion! This look is ultra chic! Have a great rest of the week:-)

  39. March 15, 2016 / 12:00 PM

    Blogging IS a lot of work- more people need to hear this! 🙂 Love this post- and your fab outfit!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  40. March 15, 2016 / 12:31 PM

    I never understood why people thought blogging is glamorous, but to be honest, I think sometimes its how certain bloggers portray themselves. I’m a single working mother, so it is definitely not glamorous here. Haha!!
    Great post, lady! You look classy. 🙂

  41. Pam
    March 15, 2016 / 12:35 PM

    Blogging definitely is hard work! Especially when it’s your main job. For me, it’s just a hobby for now since it doesn’t provide enough income for me to actually quit my “real” job lol
    Hope it will someday though! Love your blog and posts xx

  42. March 15, 2016 / 4:29 PM

    Blogging is so much work, but so worth it! I try to run my blog by a schedule too, it helps
    me stay focused and moving forward!

    pumps and push-ups

  43. March 15, 2016 / 8:15 PM

    Such a great post to read. It’s always nice to read truthful experiences to day to day life in any profession..especially professional blogging. It always looks and seems so glamorous, but it does require loads of work.

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

  44. March 15, 2016 / 9:10 PM

    Love this post! People don’t realize how much time and dedication it takes to be a blogger. I hope to one day become a full-time blogger and quit my corporate marketing job. You’re such an inspiration! 🙂 xO -Steph

  45. March 15, 2016 / 9:29 PM

    Love this post. You have a wonderful voice and I love reading your posts (in addition to your pics!). Hailey and I work together which makes blogging much more manageable. We both love our primary careers so I’m not sure it will ever become a full-time gig… but you inspire us to get there!


  46. March 15, 2016 / 9:47 PM

    Nice to hear another blogger’s perspective. I am often confronted with similar common misconceptions, and while incredibly rewarding (and often fun), blogging has always been hard work for me as well. You set goals, create tactics, and measure outcomes just like in any other business. I hope other bloggers continue to support each other, so we can all see our blogs grow. xo, Pam

  47. March 15, 2016 / 9:53 PM

    Nice to hear another blogger’s perspective. I am often confronted with similar common misconceptions, and while incredibly rewarding (and often fun), blogging has always been hard work for me as well. You set goals, create tactics, and measure outcomes just like in any other business. I hope other bloggers continue to support each other, so we can all see our blogs grow. xo, Pam (accidentally posted another fantastic blogger’s link)

  48. March 17, 2016 / 5:13 AM

    I always love to read your blog Vanessa. Thank you for sharing this. You have a great blog and I love your style. This outfit is fab. xoxo

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