Eva’s Spring Collection for NY & Company Pt 2

Eva Mendes Spring Collection_New York and Company_What Would V Wear_Vanessa Lambert

Evas Spring Collection_Sandals_New York and Company_What Would V Wear-2

Evas Spring Collection_New York and Company_What Would V Wear_Vanessa Lambert

Evas Spring Collection_What Would V Wear_New York and Company_Spring 2016

I’m so excited to share a second look from Eva’s Spring Collection for New York & Company with you all today! I’m wearing Eva’s “Charlotte Blouse“, “Giada Pencil Skirt” and “Casablanca Sandals“. This look is so feminine and chic, wouldn’t you agree?!

I’ve been craving lots of color lately which might be due to Chicago’s warmer weather! You see, the yellow blouse couldn’t have been any more fabulous by letting the world know that it’s finally Spring! Eva’s Spring Collection for New York and Company consists of many colorful pieces, and I must admit: I had a hard time picking out favorites but this blouse had me from the get-go!

I kept my accessories to a minimum since this outfit speaks for itself, but I couldn’t resist wearing my V Wear Collection Tassel Necklace! It will officially be available for purchase in April! Are you as excited as I am? My new handmade collection will consist of lots of colorful tassels and druzies, my favorite gem stones.

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BLOUSE: NY & Company c/o | SKIRT: NY & Company c/o | SANDALS: NY & Company c/o | SUNGLASSES: Windsor Fashions c/o | 

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Versatility_Black Midi Dress_Backpack_What Would V Wear

Versatility_Studded Backpack_Midi Dress_What Would V Wear

Versatility_Midi Dress_Blackpack_What Would V Wear_Vanessa Lambert

Versatility_Midi Dress_Snakeskin Heels_What Would V Wear


“I like to do new things, so I always take on roles that I feel will keep me on my toes. I never want to pigeon myself, so I always like to surprise myself. I believe in versatility and so I would play anything as long as it was a challenge.” – Archie Panjabi

One thing I love about fashion is how versatile it actually is. There’s nothing I enjoy more but playing with fashion. My style is ever-evolving;  it’s hard for me to describe my style in just a few words, however, ever-evolving is spot on. Fashion trends come and go, and I’ve learned over the years that it’s not so much about trends but about knowing how to dress. It’s important to know what flatters your body type, and what doesn’t. Once you’ve figured that out the fun can begin!

For instance, I never thought I’d wear a backpack with a midi dress but the dress in itself is so flattering and somewhat edgy. The backpack was the perfect addition to this dress, and it also gives it somewhat of a surprise factor. You see, I like to surprise myself every once in a while, too. My husband and son love the backpack – which is probably due the fact that they have never seen me wearing one – but there’s is always a first, and I bet that this won’t be the last time.

After all, I like playing with fashion.

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DRESS: Reckless Girls c/o | BACKPACK: Reckless Girls c/o | HEELS: A’GACI c/o | SUNGLASSES: Windsor Fashions (ON SALE FOR $5.45!) c/o | LIPSTICK: CHANEL


YMI Jeans

YMI-Denim_What-Would-V-Wear_Tie-Front-Denim-Top_Spring-Vanessa Lambert

Agaci_Tassel Shoes_What Would V Wear-2

YMI Jeans_What Would V Wear_White Denim_Crop Top_Spring 2016

YMI Jeans_What Would V Wear_Tie Front Denim Top

Fact: YMI Denim will never go out of style.

Spring is slowly making its way to Chicago, and what’s better to celebrate the warmer weather in an all denim outfit? A good pair of denim is timeless — hence I’m always on the look out for a brand that delivers just that. Timeless jeans, consisting of quality and innovation.

YMI Jeans is a denim brand I’ve recently discovered, and I must admit: I’ve fallen in love with YMI. My denims, i.e. jeggings are super soft, and stretchy! They feel like leggings but have the look and feel of denims. Who does’t love that?!

I’ve paired my jeggings with a tie-front crop top to create a retro touch to my look. I feel very 50s glam, a fashion period I very much adore. And guess what?! My husband even complimented me on this outfit. He is most definitely my fashion police, I swear. He has made quite the comments over the last year. Some funny, strange…and sweet comments. But what can I tell you?! He is my husband, photographer and partner in crime.

As always, thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to check out YMI Jeans HERE for some amazing denim deals!

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TOP: YMI JEANS ($15!) c/o | JEANS: YMI JEANS c/o | HEELS: A’GACI c/o | SUNGLASSES: Windsor Fashions (ON SALE FOR $5.45!) c/o | LIPSTICK: CHANEL

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How to Wear Moto Jackets

Topshop_Front Button Skirt_What Would V Wear_Vanessa Lambert

Moto Jacket_What Would V Wear_Spring 2016

Suede Skirt_Moto Jaclket_Top Blogger 2016_What Would V Wear-2

Moto Jackets: “Embrace your feminine edge!”

I’ve long been a fan of moto jackets. I love the urbanite look it creates, and it also adds a little bit of edgy into your day-to-day wardrobe, wouldn’t you agree? My biker jacket has an asymmetrical front, and sharp zipper details which I very much adore.

I bought this jacket not too long ago when I discovered that my former moto jacket (see this post here) was ruined by one of my dogs, Cali. She actually chew the zippers off! She did that when we literally left the house for about 15min… Story of my life. I was a bit upset — but how can you really stay mad at a dog as they watch you with those BIG puppy eyes? Yep, it’s impossible! I got a new one instead and cuddled Cali, as always.

Now back to this jacket, and how I like to style them. I personally like to play with different fabric textures. For instance, I’m wearing a corduroy front-button skirt paired with my leather moto jacket. It creates a different look and it embraces my feminine edge at the same time. I also like to play with the silhouette. My motorcycle jacket ends at my natural waist, which makes them perfect for wearing them with skirts, dresses and pants.

How about you? How do you style your moto jackets? Let me know by commenting below!

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TOP: Similar HERE |  SKIRT: Topshop (sold out, similar HERE) c/o | JACKET: Marshalls (similar HERE) | BANDANA: Amazon | BOOTIES: Primark (Similar HERE)  | SUNGLASSES: Windsor Fashions (ON SALE FOR $5.45!) c/o | LIPSTICK: CHANEL


Denim Girl

Long vest_Denim girl_What Would V Wear_Vanessa Lambert_Gucci Handbag

Denim Girl_Top Blogger 2016_What Would V Wear_Vanessa Lambert

Denim Girl_Top Blogger 2016_What Would V Wear_Gucci Girl-2

Gucci Handbag_Denim Girl_What Would V Wear

Denim girl: “I’m all about spicing up your daily denim with vibrant hues, fun accessories and chic heels.”

We enjoyed some sunshine this weekend, and I cannot tell you how good it felt! We met up with some friends for dinner, and I had a girlfriend come over for coffee this past weekend. Which brings me to the importance of friendships. I’m the type of friend that once I consider you part of my life I’ll be your friend for a lifetime. I’m very loyal to the ones I consider dear to my heart. We live in a society where we spend way too much time on our mobile devices rather than connecting with others in real life. Being a digital publisher – I even have to remind myself to “keep the darn phone down”. I try and balance it by making sure that my weekends are more or less cell phone/social media free. Of course, I have scheduled content that goes up because overall this is my profession, but I really try not to spend too much time in doing so.

But let’s get back to today’s OOTD, shall we? It’s funny that I actually consider myself a denim girl now. Because in the past I never liked wearing denim. But I guess, once you find a good pair you won’t stop wearing them. Just like friendships. Once you found a gem you’ll make sure to never let go of them.

As always, thanks so much for reading & have a fabulous Monday!

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TOP: Similar HERE | JEANS: Dear John c/o | HEELS: Boohoo c/o | BANDANA: Amazon | VEST: Choies c/o (UNDER $40!) | SUNGLASSES: Windsor Fashions (ON SALE FOR $5.45!) c/o | LIPSTICK: CHANEL