From the Heart

Everly Clothing_Floral Skirt_Crop Top_What Would V Wear_Vanessa Lambert

Floral Skirt_Everly Clothing_Crop Top_What Would V Wear_Vanessa Lambert



Flowers, God’s beautiful creation for us to enjoy.

Life holds many surprises. Have you ever had a bad day and then somehow you received a sweet note from someone? It happened to me a few times, and I cannot help but think that this is a gift from our heavenly father. I do not take it for granted but instead hold it very dear to my heart. I didn’t grow up too religiously but ever since I gave birth to my son I felt the need to become better acquainted with God and build an actual relationship with him.

I’m still learning more about him every day, and I know it will take my entire lifetime here on earth, but I kid you not when I say that he’s the real reason for my happiness. He has given me the best present anyone could wish for: Becoming a mother, and becoming the wife to my very best friend. God truly is good. I have no fears when I’m with him, and I know that I don’t need to be fearful as long as I trust in him.

You might wonder what all of this has to do with the floral skirt I’m wearing, and the answer is simple: These beautiful flowers, printed on my skirt, are my personal reminder that beauty is all around us. So, here I am praising God and all the beauty he created for us.

As always, thanks much for reading & have a wonderful day!

Much love.



TOP: Bebe c/o | FLORAL SKIRT: Everly Clothing | SHOES: Forever21 | SUNGLASSES: Windsor Fashions (ON SALE FOR $5.45!) c/o | LIPSTICK: CHANEL

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Blush Pink for Spring


Blush Pink Blazer_White Denim_Top Blogger 2016_What Would V Wear_Vanessa Lambert

I often compare myself to a spring flower. A spring flower needs the sun in order to grow, and I need the sun in order to make me feel alive.

We’ve had a fantastic, and sunny weekend. I was dancing on the streets during my photo shoots (check it out here) which resulted in much laughter from my husband. He was like:”What are you doing?”, in which I replied: “Can’t you see? This mama right here is happy!” He smiled, and kept on clicking away with our camera. It was a fast and fun photo shoot. I love days like these. I feel incredibly blessed to do this for a living.


On a different note: I’ve been “blushing” all week long. Blush pink is the color of the season, and I’m quite smitten. It’s such a whimsical and romantic color so, what’s not to love about it?

As always, thanks much for reading & have a fabulous Monday!



DENIM: Bebe c/o | TOP: Primark (similar HERE) | BLAZER: Choies (sold out, similar HERE) | HEELS: Forever21 |  | SUNGLASSES: Windsor Fashions (ON SALE FOR $5.45!) c/o | HANDBAG: Gigi New York c/o | LIPSTICK: CHANEL