More Humanity, Less Cruelty







Today’s post is very special to my heart because I am talking about a topic that is very prevalent today: Bullying. Growing up, I was victim of bullying too. I was always different. I grew up in Germany, born to a German father and a Filipino mother. I always had big dreams and worked really hard to achieve my goals.

I was bullied for being a ‘nerd’ at school. Yes, I was the one with the glasses, and the amazing grades in school. Girls were especially mean to me. It even went so far – that at one point – they organized a “hate group” against me. While they did the ‘cool’ stuff, like smoking and drinking alcohol (things I never did), well…, I would prefer staying home, read my novels and be with my family. But I was being bullied for that. Their words and actions HURT me so much but it only made me stronger today. When Vaiana, founder of Le Motto reached out to me, and as I got to know her story, well, it simply brought me back to my own roots. All these nasty words and comments I received hurt immensely which only proves what impact words can have on someone’s life.

Today though is all about spreading P O S I T I V I T Y and L O V E which is what Le Motto’s main purpose is. Sharing a good message to the world, to encourage, and lift one another up. Vaiana says, that “words must be followed by actions”, and I could not agree with her more. Change the world, one WORD at a time. Please, use the discount code ‘whatwouldvwear’ (20% OFF) at checkout on the Le Motto’s website, and help spread the word to end bullying. Also, when you purchase Le Motto apparel, some of their profits actually go to those kids who are suffering from violent circumstances. Their focus is to help fund programs that confront aggression in the form of bullying helping “The Bully Project” that educate over 1 million parents, teachers, kids and entire communities to deal with bullying.

As always, thank you for stopping by & don’t forget to spread some love today!

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