Tips for staying sane during COVID-19


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How To Practice Self-Care During The Coronavirus

How to practice self-care during coronavirus-vanessa-lambert-blogger-whatwouldvwear

I must admit, the coronavirus pandedmic has caught me off guard. As a mother and small business owner I cannot help but worry how this will affect our every day lives. These past few days I’ve been  stress-scrolling through my news feed, my eyes gobbling up every single coronavirus update possible, until I thought to myself: There must be better ways to cope with our current situation.

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Tips for Finding Peace and Calm in the Busy Holiday Season

Tips-for-Finding-Peace-and-Calm-in-the-Busy-Holiday Season-Vanessa-Lambert

As much as I love the Holiday Season it is also a stressful time of the year. With all the hustle and bustle about getting Christmas presents, hosting dinner’s, etc. – there simply isn’t much time left for you to relax.  There are days, like this weekend, where I completely felt a little frazzled and stressed. I didn’t get to shoot as much as I typically do on the weekends and my kids kept me pretty busy too. But I know of the importance to stay calm and relaxed during the holiday season. Hence here are some of my ways to find peace and calm during this time of year.

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First Trimester Update: How To Stay Energized


Let’s be honest. I’ve been sick, tired, and thanks to my hormones, I’ve had all kinds of feelings. My first trimester, which ends in a couple of weeks, has been particularly hard on me which proves that every pregnancy is indeed, different.

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Healthy Smoothies


Heart Healthy Fruit Smoothie | Green Smoothie | Tropical Protein Smoothie | Skinny Berry Protein Smoothie

Happy Friday, lovelies! If you’re following me on Instagram you probably know that I’m currently obsessed with homemade smoothies! I’m always looking for fun recipes on Pinterest so I can make them myself! A couple of weeks ago I made a special spinach smoothie (I added spinach, mango, apple, banana and low fat vanilla yoghurt) for my family, and it was a huge success! Due to their positive response I became even more motivated to try out more recipes to encourage a healthy lifestyle within our family (especially for my son, Kingston, since he doesn’t like veggie’s at all)!

Do you have any favorite recipes?! I would love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for stopping by & have a great weekend!