Holiday Gift Guide 2022

gift guide whatwouldvwear vanessa lambert blogger

The holidays are fast approaching, and if you’ve got a special someone, shopping for gifts can be like wandering in a strange land. But fear not! Check out my 2022 holiday gift guide for gift ideas, expert advice, recommendations and more!

From luxurious gifts to chic, budget-friendly finds, use my holiday gift guide for your special someone. No matter if you’re shopping for your wife, husband, mom, dad, friend, or siblings, these unique gifts will steal the show. There’s something for every gift recipient (even the hard-to-shop-for husband) and every budget ($10 and up), so you won’t have to settle for another less-than-stellar gift for the incredible person in your life. Browse my ideas below to find a gift that’s as thoughtful, creative, and trendy as your loved one is.

 gift guide whatwouldvwear vanessa lambert blogger

 gift guide whatwouldvwear vanessa lambert blogger

Love Letter Gift Box

 gift guide whatwouldvwear vanessa lambert blogger WHAT’S INSIDE:

“Saint Signora Wax Seal & Antique Wax Sticks. Traditionally used to ensure letters were opened only by the intended recipient, add little mystery to any correspondence by adding a beautiful wax seal. Step back in time to writing with ink by candlelight then seal your message with this unique design by Saint Signora. The Fleur and Olives seal design adds a sophisticated touch to a wedding or party invitation or a special letter to family, friend or lover.

Slipper Handmade Cotton Paper & Envelopes. In the days of mobile phones, texts, tweets and emojis, letter writing has never felt more special. Elevate your words with this set of five note cards and envelopes of handmade pale pink sheets, with soft textured edges. A classic size and paper weight perfect for writing and calligraphy.

Abalone Handmade Cotton Paper Sheets & Envelopes. To complement the Slipper stationary set, this time five notecards and envelopes is a light grey, purple Abalone color and is made from 100% rag cotton. Also suitable for printing with letterpress, inkjet and foil.

Solid Brass Ball-point Pen. Let the words flow whether you’re writing your biography, a love poem, or the weekly shopping list. This elegantly minimal pen is cast in solid brass, balancing form and function.”

Learn more here.

 gift guide whatwouldvwear vanessa lambert blogger

Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for your significant other and/or husband. Please use this link here so you can check out the nearest retail location near you.

 gift guide whatwouldvwear vanessa lambert blogger

Ice Roller: Use my code WWVW to receive 15% OFF $75 + (ends 12/19).

Tech exec turned aesthetician Kerry Benjamin got her start in skincare because of her own lifelong struggle with eczema. This is why aesthetician Kerry Benjamin created StackedSkincare, the 4x award-winning skincare brand with over 6500+ 5 star reviews. Kerry, alongside an industrial designer, custom engineered the StackedSkincare Ice Roller. The 2022 Oprah Beauty O-wards Winner, soothes sensitive skin, de-puffs under eyes, and visibly lifts and sculpts your facial contours.

 gift guide whatwouldvwear vanessa lambert blogger

Panini Press – the perfect holiday gift! Create melty-grilled cheeses and crispy quesadillas with the Revolution Panini Press accessory. Works in most standard toasters.

 gift guide whatwouldvwear vanessa lambert blogger

 gift guide whatwouldvwear vanessa lambert blogger

Walkers Shortbread Collection: Did you know? Walkers bake the most extensive selection of pure butter shortbread’s available. In its distinctive tartan packaging, Walkers range of products is packed with Scottish character, both inside and out.

Happy Holidays!



  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom
    November 30, 2022 / 4:09 AM

    I have a wax seal set and love it!!

    Curated by Jennifer

  2. Cora
    December 1, 2022 / 1:11 PM

    That’s a good idea…Thank you…

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