The Beauty of Comfort

Sponsored by Jelt.

What does comfort mean to you without having to compromise style? Many of you know: I’m all about accessories to help me elevate my look. And I’m excited to share that I’ve found the perfect accessory that does just that: A belt from Jelt. Their belts elevate your look without compromising ease and comfort.

My slip-on leopard print belt from Jelt is super comfortable. My thin, lightweight belt stays in place through any activity (like chasing after your kids, hiking, biking, skiing, and other athletic pursuits!) thanks to their non-slip, grippy gel that lines the inside of the belt.

Made in the USA

Further, I support small businesses that are Made in the USA. Jelt is made in the USA + all of their belts are made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. They are environmentally friendly which is another plus! This being said, Jelt belts are a must-have for any active individual (who also likes to elevate their look!). In addition to the fact that they are made from recycled plastic and are environmentally friendly, I’d also love to have it included that:
– They are metal-free so they are ideal for travel and breezing through airport security checkpoints.
– It is a modern-retro elastic stretch belt
– The grippy inner gel allows you to wear the belt with our without belt loops— so you can wear it over a jacket, with a shirt dress, or to keep boyfriend jeans from sagging

Use my code VANESSA and get 15% OFF your purchase. Excludes bundles and gift cards.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your belt from Jelt today! Use my code VANESSA and get 15% OFF your purchase. Excludes bundles and gift cards.

Sponsored by Jelt.


  1. Cora
    February 21, 2022 / 5:36 AM

    As usual, always gorgeous…Love the belt also the whole outfit…Have a good start in a week..

  2. March 17, 2022 / 7:01 PM

    Oh I LOVE this look and the Jelt belt really pulls your look together. And I like that the are also sustainable. These photos came out great.

    Allie of

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