My First Youtube VLOG


I am so excited to announce that I have started a Youtube Channel! My very first NYFW Recap VLOG went live—enjoy!

I must admit I am a newbie when it comes to Youtube. Part of me is overwhelmed (it’s another social media aspect I need to learn and grow in!) but I am also excited! I am planning to share lots of exciting content from behind-the-scenes to beauty tutorials and lifestyle videos! I simply want you to get to know me better and what’s a better way than to produce videos that give you glimpse of who I am and what I do for a living?!

Speaking of “what I do for a living”. A few weeks back, Brooke, a high school student from Grayslake North sat down with me to talk about my business and more. Check out our fun video below as well!

As always, thanks so much for your love and support! I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me!

PS: Don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel!

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  1. February 22, 2019 / 9:49 AM

    Yay! Looks like so much fun! I recently started a youtube channel too and it’s definitely way different from blogging. I’m still trying to learn more about both so I hope both our journeys go well!!

  2. polarbearstyle
    February 22, 2019 / 11:48 PM

    Congratulations on starting your vlog. It sounds like you have a lot of wonderful content planned.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  3. Cora
    February 23, 2019 / 3:04 AM

    Congrats Babe, on your first video…Love watching it…

  4. Gabrielle
    February 23, 2019 / 8:06 AM

    Ahh! That is so so SO exciting! Congratulations on this new chapter of your journey Vanessa ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  5. karasclosetblog
    February 24, 2019 / 10:12 AM

    How exciting! Congrats on starting your Youtube channel and I’m looking forward to watching your vlog. And the first photo with the confetti is beautiful!

    x Kara |

  6. February 24, 2019 / 12:22 PM

    So fun! Congratulations on your new blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. innapishtoy
    February 28, 2019 / 2:07 PM

    Those are great videos, I really enjoyed watching the one where you answered questions ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work on your blog and now your vlog!

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