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jumpsuit_yumi kim_what would v wear


black jumpsuit_yumi kim_what would v wear

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I am so excited to share my latest project with Yumi Kim today. Kim Phan, the founder of Yumi Kim started with nothing else but a suitcase in hand and a dream of fashion in mind. Her eponymous clothing line, (named after both herself and her adorable Yorkshire terrier, Yumi), Yumi Kim quickly took off to become a household name amongst the young, fun, and savvy.

When the team at Yumi Kim asked me if I was interested in a partnership with them I couldn’t help but get excited. Like, Kim, I dream big too and I admire those who work hard to make their dreams come true. I firmly believe in determination and hard work in order to make your dreams become reality, and Kim did just that. She opened her flagship store in New York’s Lower East Side in 2008 and was aptly followed by an Upper East Side location—appropriately catering to both the Uptown and Downtown girl. To learn more about Kim, and her story click HERE.

My jumper is from Yumi Kim, and I absolutely love it. Black has always been my favorite. It’s elegant, chic and oh-so polished. I’ve also have a stunning jacket from Yumi Kim which I will feature on Wednesday so, stay tuned.

As always, thanks much for reading & have a wonderful Monday!

PS: My Palm Beach Tan Giveaway winners will be announced via email today.

Much love.




In collaboration with Yumi Kim via RewardStyle.



  1. October 5, 2015 / 6:27 AM

    Happy Monday gorgeous! Vanessa, you are a vision in all black! Sounds like a wonderful collaboration, that cute jumper is perfect for you! I hope your week gets off to an absolutely fantastic start!

  2. October 5, 2015 / 7:11 AM

    This jumper is fantastic. You look stunning in this. I have never heard of this designer so thanks so much for introducing us to her. So happy you were able to collaborate with her. You look beautiful. Have a great day!


  3. Tash
    October 5, 2015 / 8:13 AM

    Lovely jumpsuit dear it looks amazing on you. I really love those sunnies too ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. October 5, 2015 / 8:28 AM

    Wow, love this look, Vanessa! Looking so elegant, indeed! Everything is matched well for this outfit.

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

  5. October 5, 2015 / 9:12 AM

    That you are beautiful. The jumpsuit is fantastic. I like how you have combined. Kisses

  6. October 5, 2015 / 9:28 AM

    You know when we think someone “can’t top herself” anymore, dear V.? And then you do just that! Cause you look stunning with this jumpsuit, it’s so elegant and exquisite! I loved the concept of Yumi Kim, I also believe in hard work to succeed! And you deserve it, dear V., I am sure that you are already very successful – you are sweet, beautiful, you have a lovely family and talent, so you are very successful! I am now eager to see the Yumi Kim’s jacket this week! I am sure it is very beautiful! Hope you have a very sweet week, my dear friend! Many hugs and kisses!

  7. October 5, 2015 / 10:30 AM

    You look stunning, Vanessa! This black jumpsuit is perfect, and I love how you paired it with the red lip. So classic and chic. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and Happy Monday!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  8. October 5, 2015 / 10:54 AM

    Love the story behind the brand, I always love to hear about the designers who followed their dream and succeed in it!
    You look exquisite in this jumpsuit Vanessa!


  9. October 5, 2015 / 12:03 PM

    Such a lovely look, Vanessa! The jumpsuit is so chic and I love how you wore it with a red lip and tortoise sunnies, so stylish! I couldn’t agree with you more, I love hearing success stores from those who started from the bottom and with hard work and perseverance, made their dreams a reality! Thanks for sharing part of Kim’s story, I’ll be sure to read more on her ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you have an amazing day, beautiful! Sending much love your way ๐Ÿ™‚



  10. October 5, 2015 / 1:23 PM

    You look amazing! Red lips, those glasses and jumpsuit go amazing togehter

    BamBam Blog


  11. October 5, 2015 / 1:26 PM

    Absolutely LOVE this jumper, so chic and classy V! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

    ~xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  12. October 5, 2015 / 1:45 PM

    An absolutely gorgeous outfit! I would wear it immediately. It looks just great on you. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Amy Ann
    October 5, 2015 / 1:57 PM

    I LOVED this when I saw it on Insta. What a fun collaboration. Congrats! Yumi Kim is such an inspiration, and I love everything of hers. You look gorgeous!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. October 5, 2015 / 3:22 PM

    This is a great look on you! I can see how you would relate to the designers determination and drive too. She sounds amazing!


  15. Quynh Tran
    October 5, 2015 / 3:39 PM

    This jumpsuit looks great…your legs look miles long! I think I see your hubby and son’s reflection through your sunglassles. ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. Quynh Tran
    October 5, 2015 / 3:40 PM

    This jumpsuit looks great…your legs look miles long! I think I see your hubby and son’s reflections through your sunglasses. ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. October 5, 2015 / 5:04 PM

    Te jumpsuit looks stunning on you, I have seen the handbag in you nlast post, it is gorgeous, I will be checking on Amazon! xx

    My Instagram @travelera.es

  18. Jess
    October 5, 2015 / 5:37 PM

    Vanessa, I love this jumpsuit! It’s suits you so nicely! So sophisticated! I will definitely check out the brand, thanks for sharing! Happy Monday, beautiful girl!!
    xoxo, Jess

  19. October 5, 2015 / 8:08 PM

    Your pictures (and outfit) are STUNNING!!! Love it!

  20. October 5, 2015 / 8:42 PM

    This is gorgeous, I love all black outfits so this is stunning! Also, do you have a link to follow you on Bloglovin’ so I can keep up with your posts? (Or am I overlooking it lol?)


  21. October 5, 2015 / 9:16 PM

    This jumpsuit is seriously amazing, it’s definitely something I would wear! I love the sheer detail with the tie at the waist. Plus it’s in one of my favourite colours. You look amazing Vanessa ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


  22. October 5, 2015 / 10:54 PM

    Your jumpsuit is GORGEOUS! I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. October 6, 2015 / 12:45 AM

    Fierce jumpsuit V! I love the sheer detailing, it’s sexy and elegant all at the same time. I can’t wait to see the jacket, I bet it’s just as fabulous as this jumpsuit ๐Ÿ™‚

    xo, jackie

  24. October 6, 2015 / 1:39 AM

    Wow I didn’t know Yumi Kim’s story, now I like her pieces even more! This jumpsuit has got to be one of my favorite pieces ever though!


  25. October 6, 2015 / 6:21 AM

    You are looking so chic Vanessa! This jumpsuit is so lovely- I like how it has a layered effect ๐Ÿ™‚ Those cat eye sunnies too <3 I'll have to check out this designer, it sounds like she has a really lovely story

    Rachel xx

  26. October 6, 2015 / 11:56 AM

    Wow, this jumpsuit is really beautiful! Very elegant and feminine.

  27. October 6, 2015 / 12:04 PM

    How exciting to get contacted by a brand you already love! That’s how you know you’re doing something right ๐Ÿ™‚ You look gorgeous as always dear!

    xx, Tristan || Gold Lion Style

  28. Caitlin
    October 6, 2015 / 3:21 PM

    Caitlin, I’m obsessed with your style! You are so gorgeous – you make anything look stellar!

  29. Caitlin
    October 6, 2015 / 3:22 PM

    Sorry, Vanessa…I wrote my name twice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. October 6, 2015 / 7:43 PM

    What an amazing brand. I checked out her clothing line, love everything, so amazing! You look gorgeous in that jumpsuit, V, but then again, you look gorgeous in anything! <3


  31. October 6, 2015 / 8:41 PM

    Loveee this jumpsuit! You look so so chic! I also am loving those sunnies so much, they are so cute and I love how unique they are!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  32. October 7, 2015 / 9:31 AM

    Gosh, why are you so gorgeous V! I love this look from head to toe and that jumpsuit from Yumi Kim is so wow! You styled it so well! Love it! xo Vivian


  33. October 8, 2015 / 8:37 PM

    Girl, you are owning that jumpsuit. Really excited about that bag too. How is the quality?

  34. October 9, 2015 / 4:22 AM

    Jumpsuits always look good on you. I love the bag!

    xx Izzy | Qthee

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